Present healed the patient who suffered from Alzheimer's.

I treated a patient who suffered from Alzheimer's

Present healed the patient who suffered from Alzheimer's,  is found to CT scan and magnetic resonance imaging of brain atrophy. I got to this document. At the beginning of the patient did not remember such as "What is the fridge and what you put into it and for what". The results of my healing after 3 weeks it is good for her.

After three weeks, my patient begins to heal normally speak, walk and everything has a logical answer.

Behaves normally. speaks and thinks normally verbalize thoughts in your mind and normal speech.

She is behaving normally, talking and thinking normally, verbalize thoughts in normal meaningful sentences.

The neighbor lives as I am in the vicinity of a military unit is exposed to electromagnetic radiations, one is not interested.
Even after 4 weeks returned to normal life, normally says, he thinks. Proposes new dishes that they do, for example, whether treated or normal potato pancakes with roasted chicken dinner.

What about the doctors? If she has atrophy of the brain, how can speak to think plan.

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