Healed fungal toe

Healed fungal toe.
For several years, I often went to the pool and got infected foot mycosis finger. When I noticed a year ago I started to heal itself energies nail and finger.
First smearing finger nail and vinegar, but after a few days I stopped and began to heal the new technique new angelic energy - is something completely new.
In 2016 the nail on the finger was zagrzybiony and thickness of 6 mm, and today, January 8, 2017 he already has 1 mm. Now in January 2017 itch decreased by 95%, it is a matter of rebirth healthy nail.

Earlier healed themselves modified techniques of master Choa Kok Sui, when a year ago I discovered new energies of spiritual and new technique to radioactivity including meditation and visualization power of anti-radiation, ie those for people who are exposed to radiation from mobile phones and hurt them backbone and taking large amounts of drugs against pain, - believe me, that 15 minutes after all the pain disappear.

In 2008, I showed up at night three angels, I did not know what that means, I thought it looked to me broke and I have spots on the eyes, it was impossible.

After eight years, he appeared to me during the healing new energy similar to angels.
Affects are.

He does not photograph because I always tell everyone that it was the finger of someone else.

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