Fast healing of wounds and burns

Example of healing.
Rapid healing of wounds and burns
A woman aged 74, burned her hand and touched the hot oven 446 degrees of Fahrenheit, the wound did not heal her, hurt her hand which was already swollen, swollen and hot, because it was beginning to infection, injury (burns) was about 8 inches long. She came to me after a few days of burn for help. So it helped. Healed her.

Everyone knows that burn wounds heal for a long time. Particularly deep and widespread, such as in the photograph.
I started to heal and photographs I made the other day. You can see what you need, how quickly the wound heals.

I made the first photographs of the Sony camera because such sharp, and the next as Canon already had a date and most importantly time.

On the ninth day after burn wound healing healed and disappeared, and the evidence of photographs.

Energy Healing accelerates wound healing rapidly.

First picture is second day my healing. This effect of healing prana.

2th day,    and crop

3 th day

4th day

5th day,  and bigger photo

9 th day


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