From Gemany data April 2015

Appreciotion in German.



First review Ms. healed from Grodzisk Mazowiecki at a distance from the hypertrophy of thyroid nodules.
The lady had a lot of thyroid nodules, which disappeared after two days of my healing.
After completion of the healing, I was so grateful that she sent me a note of thanks.

The third opinion is of the mister whom I met when I was hiring him my property, and after a while I said - because I had a vision - that his bisnes partner rob him, he replied that it was impossible laughed.
After half a year he came to me with the rent he resigns from his accomplice robbed $ 25,000.
And after he wrote to me the opinion.
At first he did not believe me because he knew his partner when he was 10 years old, so for 25 years knew him, robbed him of a partner of the year. Confirmed all my words, my vision and prophecy.

My address is blocked.

Sorry in Polish language.

1 review.

2th review.

Third opinion .

4th review.

I predicted the assassination of Polish President Kaczynski, and notified the prosecutor's office, at the beginning of 2011, of course, no answer.
When in Poland will change the political system to explain the coup then it will be carnage of today's politicians, something like a case of "suicide" Kennedy "magic bullet".

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