Clairvoyant and bioenergy therapist Oskar

This site is for everybody who believes in spiritual healing. I can help you recover your health, vitality and mental clarity thanks to natural method of bioenergy healing and clairvoyance. You can make an appointment to see me or I can help you by using my distant healing abilities.


Spiritual healing, healing at a distance, rapid healing of severe cases of "incurable" diseases.


Clairvoyant skills include assistance in cases such as predicting the future, diagnosing diseases...


I limited number of proofs of my predictions and clairvoyance for some of the most glaring...

A few words about me

My name is Oskar Kornfeld and I'm a Bio Energy therapist and clairvoyant.
In years of 2005 - 2007 I was attending individual courses of spiritual healing and clairvoyance and The British Course of Pranic Healing and Distance Healing and Clairvoyance.
With over 14 years of practice, I have created my own healing techniques.


I finished my law degree and I have two courses, also worked in the Office of the President of the Poland in Warsaw. I invented my own technique.

A simple example is that the others haven't photographs rapid healing of decubitus wounds.

This is only my work   


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Since 2014 in YouTube.

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